A Message to Younger Ballhawks

Today I was faced with an all-to-seemingly common occurrence: someone picked a fight with me and used “you’re a ballhawk” as their leverage. Other than this being a complete absence of an actual point in the discussion, it shows that whoever is purporting this is just plain lazy.

What they think they’re saying by criticizing a ballhawk: “You are a nerd with a dumb hobby.”

What they’re really saying: “I don’t understand your hobby and I am misjudging it.”

Some people like to drink too much, some people like recreational drug usage, some people like to gamble their savings away and countless other ridiculous resource-wasting, time burning hobbies out there take over people’s lives. Yet somehow, people want to criticize and ostracize us for our chosen outlet of fun.

If you’re a veteran ballhawk, you have been through your fair share of this and this blog entry is probably pointless to you. However, if you’re a youngster or just starting out, listen up…

Don’t let anyone, and I mean ANYONE put you down for this hobby. You’re a collector, aficionado, fan, and in some cases an athlete all rolled into one.  So what?  You’ve found something you love that in reality doesn’t hurt or affect anyone? Some of my best friendships in life and relationships most important to me have been forged through networking and practicing in this hobby of ours.

Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT let anyone put you down or get you thinking twice about being a ballhawk. Don’t get bullied out of this great way to spend time with family and friends.

You’re meeting great friends, staying out of trouble, learning life experiences, watching America’s game and amassing a great collection of sports memorabilia. Never, ever let anyone bully you into feeling ashamed or doubt your status as a ballhawk. Embrace it!



  1. Larry

    Nice post shawn. Those people on twitter are stupid, uneducated, jerks. They have no clue what the heck a ballawk is. It is a very fun hobby that takes skill.
    Those people just need to back off….. Looking forward to seeing you next season. Let me know when you plan on hitting Wrigley field. I know Tony Voda is most likely going, so we should try to plan on going to the same game.

  2. David

    Nice blog Shawn, I’m a decent ballhawk, but not that good! It’s quite fun, do you have any tips? I also SWEAR that I was ballhawking like literally right next to you one Brewers game this summer!!! Where do you usually ballhawk? I’m a huge Brewers fan and it’s always cool to see fellow Brewer fans blogging!
    -David S.

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