2014 Ballhawking Goals

A very common thing for us ballhawks to do, bloggers or non-bloggers, is to anticipate the coming season by putting our stated goals in writing. These goals are almost always a great reflection of what of a ballhawk each individual is. People who like to think they’re skilled like to set lofty goals. Rookies like to make them rather simple. Every year, my goals have seemed to get more and more specific and wordy. For 2014, I’ve kind of narrowed my scope down rather dramatically. I believe that my 2014 goal and associated manifesto (yes, I’ve got a ballhawking manifesto for 2014. How nerdy!) will give you rather blunt insight on the ballhawk I am, what I value and judge all of our respective collections. My ballhawking goal for 2014:

Become the first fan in possession of  as many game home runs as possible through any and all means necessary.

It’s that simple. I need to make sure I’m in position to do this at all times. Sometimes people like to say “nothing good happens after midnight” when referencing drinking or nightlife. I’m going to adjust that a little bit for our ballhawking world. Nothing good happens in foul territory.  You know that good ol’ quote “Death before dishonor,” right? I’ve kind of adopted a goofy, half serious, half sarcastic mantra or manifesto, call it what you will: Death before foul territory. If you see me tweeting or referencing “DBFT,” now you know what it means.

Good luck to all of you in 2014.



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